01iMoon Fx Animation Studios: “To be remembered and not forgotten.”

Since 2003, we set sail on a fairytale journey. At Moon Fx, we continue on our way with our customers and friends who attended as the audience on this journey. Creative Director Ozan KAYGISIZ  is the creator of Moon Fx and  it is founded by Argiza Communication Investment. At this journey, we want to sail far as much as we can to take our turn in Animation and Visual Effects. We like things that bring beauty into our lives. In contemporary world, advertising is an area that particularly benefited the most from the art.and beautifulness. On the other hand, efficiency is just possible at creating varying fields not to adapt to changing field excellence.

We always  try to do our best and on the contrary of what’s expected of us, we are trying an approach that targets a step beyond.  We are aware of what we have like our Creative Director Ozan Kaygısız and his unique work’s effects on our success at creating winning designs. We know something for sure that those creative ideas always bring success into our brands.  We also believe that all original and creative ideas that we produce is taking us even more away. Our aim is to describe an idea on the basis of all the work and be able to place it in the minds.

Here is where we come into play. “To be remembered and not forgotten.”

That’s our key principle to make our brands successful. The easiest way for your customers to remember anything is a character who is your contact through. Products with the audience (advertising, cinema, series) we draw is a connection between your audience and your brand.

Character design is one of the best of your brand’s growth strategies to reach  your potential customers.