Our Goals

03The earliest cinema animation was composed of frame-by-frame, hand-drawn images. When combined with movement, the illustrator’s two-dimensional static art came alive and created pure and imaginative cinematic images – animals and other inanimate objects could become evil villains or heroes but cutting edge techonologies with major advances in computer technology opened the completely new  door and approach in Animation and Visual Effect industry.

This situation affected movie industry the most.  As we have been dealing with this side for a decades, we caught this wind wholeheartedly with our team and focused on new technologies used in movie, TV ads, character design and branding strategies. Moon Fx strongly believes in the art of animation. Our seasoned teammates create work through a symbiotic approach, combining traditional stop motion and live action techniques with innovative software and emerging digital platforms.

Our talented art department is comprised of creative directors, render experts, illustrators, motion graphicers, cartoon movie makers and so on…— all ready with the tools necessary to create characters, sets and props for just about any project, and then some.

Moon FX’s  well-established partnerships and long running history in Turkey  made us decide to open office in Shangay, too. Headed up by Argiza Invesment Group, the new venture not only lends greater support to Moon FX’s international roster, but also lays the foundation to seek out and develop new talent in the fim animation industry.

What we want to lead is particularly cinema animation. In this area, we want to say we are happily going to take place at the Moon FX.